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Popular and unique 'Battle of Slots'

Casino tournaments? No, it's called 'Battles. Battle of slots. And this is unique product that they have spent several years putting together. now there is much to indicate that the forward -thinking online casino has really hit the blink!

you have done something right when competitors and industry media both cycles and talk highly about your new product. but that's actually how the situation is for malta-based video slots right now. casino tournaments have long been in demand, but it has not been possible to let players compete for slot machines, spins and points. they shook their heads all, both the online casinos and the casinosoft operators. was it really impossible to make tournaments for casino players? but that's when a swedish came on the track ...

the poker fever really took off when new potential players were given the opportunity to participate in free tournaments with a guaranteed premium. you got to try it out, with minimal risk, and it created the basis for today's big poker community. and these are the footsteps of videoslots' leadership. it's not about reinforcing the dynamite, you just have to replace the charge. for the jam it is already smelling!

Tournaments, Heads Up, Freerolls and Private Duels in the Battle of Slots

Video slots have everything and it happens in real time, but they do not want to call it tournaments themselves. they use the term battles. the battle of slots lobby has a clear pokerstars feel, and that just means that the online casino puts the list high. but they have a unique product, and such 'battles' has become very popular in record time since its launch in november.

Features in "Battle of Slots"

the layout provides a security for the player. call it a recognition factor, but even poker players like what they see. they have seen this before. it is easy to register for a 'battle', and it is not impossible that these players will recover to the old days where the poker accounts were full of both pounds, dollars and euros.

we admit that we should have been flying on the office wall when's owner alexander stevendahl worked to develop battle of slots. the swede has spent several years programming, testing, developing, changing and creating new models to adapt the 'battle of slots' today's demanding players. but guess if he has succeeded. battle of slots is actually a new development that can revolutionize the entire casino industry!

it has never been normal for two online casino players to have or communicate in between while playing. but that time is over. developments in social media and chat provide new opportunities for the playing industry. battle of slots creates a new type of interaction, not just between players while also between players and online casino staff. you get faster service and you will know the latest news about promotions.


the various 'battles' at has guaranteed prize pools on anywhere from 100 euros upwards, and new gaming opportunities around the clock. buy-in (price of participation) can be 1 euro, 2 euros, 5 euros, 10 euros and up to 20 euros, and everyone can participate in different freerolls. this is free tournaments.

you can choose from several different rebuy tournaments, which means you get a lot of casino action for a low bet. heads-up, or duel, is only becoming more and more popular, and it will be possible to create your own private 'battles' for friends and acquaintances.

So we are talking about a unique spa experience for new Players!

Tournament games and winners follow the same format:

- equal effort (buy-in)
- the same number of spins
- everyone plays the same game
- All players have the same amount of time available
- Chat Opportunity

Your point score is constantly updated in Real time, and you always have an overview of your own location during the game. You can follow your Battle opponents and you can easily see who gets bonus and free spins.

it's easy to play. it is fun. and it is suitable for all casino players.

The lobby in "Battle of Slots" on looks like this

find the 'battle of slots' button on the right page on the website, and you will see an overview of all the different tournaments played over the next minutes and hours. this is called a lobby. you can choose a tournament, and here you will find info on the individual tournament:

- Tournament start
- which game in question
- Buy-in (og eventuelt re-buy)
- the number of games available
- Duration of tournament
- Number of participants
- guaranteed prize pool

Your any prize is automatically inserted into your gaming account after the tournament ended.

What else can we really say? We are 100% sure that our players will like this unique concept. All you have to do is click on "Register", and then you're ready for your first battle at!

since reading the norwegian casino guide you can get two free tickets for "battle of slots". just sign up and use the bonus code ncg and you get two tickets for free. These are added manually so calculate some waiting time. Only new players apply to registered via the USA Casino Guide.

good luck.